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Date: Speaker/Title: WMA: Mp3:
04-22-2018 The Effects of the Resurrection WMA Mp3
04-15-2018 The Comforter WMA Mp3
04-01-2018 Victory in the Resurrection WMA Mp3
03-25-2018 The Triumphal Entry WMA Mp3
03-18-2018 The True Vine – Abiding WMA Mp3
03-11-2018 The Holy Spirit WMA Mp3
03-04-2018 He’s Preparing a Place WMA Mp3
02-25-2018 Revival begins with me WMA Mp3
02-19-2018 Love one another WMA Mp3
02-11-2018 Serve one another WMA Mp3
01-28-2018 Jesus is Knocking WMA Mp3
01-21-2018 Jesus is Compassionate WMA Mp3
01-14-2018 Jesus is Way, Truth, Life WMA Mp3
01-07-2018 Set my soul afire WMA Mp3
12-31-2017 Jesus is The Light WMA Mp3
12-24-2017 Jesus is Great WMA Mp3
12-17-2017 Jesus is Emmanuel WMA Mp3
12-10-2017 Jesus is the Lamb WMA Mp3
11-26-2017 Jesus is the Good Shepherd WMA Mp3
11-19-2017 Jesus is the Author and Finisher WMA Mp3
10-08-2017 Gospel of Jesus Christ WMA Mp3
10-01-2017 Spirit of Power WMA Mp3
9-24-2017 Terry Oshel WMA Mp3
9-17-2017 Purpose of the Church WMA Mp3
9-10-2017 Jeremiah in Crisis WMA Mp3
9-3-2017 Seven Churches of Revelation WMA Mp3
8-13-2017 II Peter 3 con’t WMA Mp3
8-6-2017 II Peter 3 WMA Mp3
7-30-2017 II Peter 2 WMA Mp3
7-23-2017 II Peter 1 WMA Mp3
7-16-2017 Dust to dust WMA Mp3
7-9-2017 Coming Judgement WMA Mp3
7-02-2017 John Metzger WMA Mp3
6-25-2017 Jesus is the answer WMA Mp3
6-11-2017 What we practice WMA Mp3
6-4-2017 Terry Oshel WMA Mp3
5-28-2017 Belief or Unbelief WMA Mp3
5-21-2017 Nevertheless – Take a Stand WMA Mp3
5-14-2017 Nevertheless – Joseph WMA Mp3
5-7-2017 Nevertheless – Jonah WMA Mp3
4-30-2017 Nevertheless – Jeremiah WMA Mp3
4-23-2017 Nevertheless WMA Mp3
4-16-2017 The Resurrection WMA Mp3
4-9-2017 Why should we pray? WMA Mp3
4-2-2017 Take it to the Lord in Prayer WMA Mp3
3-26-2017 When the Lord hath not spoken WMA Mp3
3-19-2017 The Great Flood WMA Mp3
3-12-2017 In defense of a Young Earth WMA Mp3
3-5-2017 Creation is Foundational WMA Mp3
3-5-2017 pm Heaven part 6 WMA Mp3
2-26-2017 pm Heaven part 5 WMA Mp3
2-19-2017 pm Heaven part 4 WMA Mp3
2-26-2017 Why the blood? WMA Mp3
2-19-2017 In the beginning WMA Mp3
2-12-2017 Excellence in Ministry WMA Mp3
2-12-2017 pm Heaven part 3 WMA Mp3
2-5-2017 A Godly Family – Communication WMA Mp3
1-29-2017 pm Heaven – Introduction WMA Mp3
1-29-2017 A Godly Family – A Healthy Marriage WMA Mp3
1-22-2017 A Godly Family – A Proper Foundation WMA Mp3
1-8-2017 Jesus is coming again WMA Mp3
1-1-2017 Truth is fallen in the street WMA Mp3
12-25-2016 That’s not what Christmas is all about WMA Mp3
12-18-2016 Lessons from the Wise Men WMA Mp3
12-11-2016 Grace: Given, Never Earned WMA Mp3
12-4-2016 Take Up Your Cross WMA Mp3
11-27-2016 Ken Gentzler WMA Mp3
11-20-2016 Dr. Callahan WMA Mp3
11-13-2016 Developing A Missions Heart WMA Mp3
11-6-2016 Whats Wrong With Our Prayer Life WMA Mp3
10-30-2016 Dedication Service WMA Mp3
10-23-2016 Baptism WMA Mp3
10-16-2016 My Sheep hear My voice WMA Mp3
10-09-2016 When Christians hurt Christians WMA Mp3
9-18-2016 Don’t let them slip away WMA Mp3
9-11-2016 What about my ministry? WMA Mp3
9-4-2016 Living the Spirit filled life WMA Mp3
8-28-2016 Fear Not WMA Mp3
8-21-2016 When God Speaks WMA Mp3
8-14-2016 Not been this way before WMA Mp3
8-7-2016 Honesty WMA Mp3
7-31-2016 Forgiveness WMA Mp3
7-24-2016 Grace WMA Mp3
7-17-2016 Obedience is Foundational! WMA Mp3
7-10-2016 Humility WMA Mp3
7-3-2016 Hinderances to Prayer WMA Mp3
6-26-2016 Steps to Revival WMA Mp3
6-19-2016 Salvation WMA Mp3
6-12-2016 Don’t let the fire go out WMA Mp3
6-5-2016 Seeking the Lord WMA Mp3
5-29-2016 Finding Joy in the Lord WMA Mp3
5-22-2016 Just One WMA Mp3
5-15-2016 Thy Will be done WMA Mp3
5-8-2016 A Biblical Response to Cultural Opposition WMA Mp3
5-1-2016 Grace WMA Mp3
4-24-2016 But Amnon had a friend WMA Mp3
4-17-2016 Take up your cross daily WMA Mp3
4-10-2016 Depart from me WMA Mp3
4-3-2016 But I found none WMA Mp3
3-27-2016 Easter Sunday – Behold, What Manner of Love! WMA Mp3
3-20-2016 Palm Sunday – Lessons from the Donkey WMA Mp3
3-13-2016 Wise as Serpents WMA Mp3
3-6-2016 Power in your Prayer Life WMA Mp3
2-28-2016 Defeating Pride WMA Mp3
2-21-2016 Fear Not WMA Mp3
2-14-2016 Galatians 5 & 6 WMA Mp3
1-31-2016 Galatians 3 & 4 WMA Mp3
1-17-2016 Galatians 2 & 3 WMA Mp3
1-10-2016 Galatians 1 WMA Mp3
1-3-2016 Making Bad Decisions Worse WMA Mp3
12-27-2015 The Quest for Happiness WMA Mp3
12-20-2015 Mary Had a Little Lamb WMA Mp3
12-13-2015 A House of Prayer WMA Mp3
12-6-2015 Jesus Only WMA Mp3
11-29-2015 Thanksgiving WMA Mp3
11-22-2015 The Power of the Cross WMA Mp3
11-15-2015 This is the day that the Lord hath made WMA Mp3
11-8-2015 Israel in the End Times WMA Mp3
11-1-2015 The Antichrist WMA Mp3
10-25-2015 Invasion of the Northern Confederacy WMA Mp3
10-18-2015 Jesus Loves Me, This I Know WMA Mp3
10-11-2015 Pastor Al Cremard WMA Mp3
10-4-2015 The Prophecy of Creation WMA Mp3
9-27-2015 Signs of the Times WMA Mp3
9-20-2015 Be Prepared WMA Mp3
9-6-2015 What’s the Point? Ecc. 10 – 12 WMA Mp3
8-30-2015 What’s the Point? Ecc. 8 & 9 WMA Mp3
8-23-2015 What’s the Point? Ecc. 6 & 7 WMA Mp3
8-16-2015 What’s the Point? Ecc. 4 & 5 WMA Mp3
8-9-2015 Pastor’s Vision for the Next 35 WMA Mp3
8-2-2015 The Lord’s Supper WMA Mp3
7-26-2015 What’s the Point? Ecc. 3 WMA Mp3
7-19-2015 What’s the Point? Ecc. 2 WMA Mp3
7-12-2015 What’s the Point? – Intro. WMA Mp3
7-5-2015 If the foundations be destroyed WMA Mp3
6-28-2015 The Prodigal’s Brother WMA Mp3
6-21-2015 Faith WMA Mp3
6-14-2015 The Word of God WMA Mp3
6-7-2015 Daniel’s Prayer Life WMA Mp3
5-31-2015 Rev. Chuck Martzall WMA Mp3
5-24-2015 Waiting for the Manna WMA Mp3
5-17-2015 Is Worry Sin? WMA Mp3
5-10-2015 II Corinthians 5:9-21 WMA Mp3
5-3-2015 II Corinthians 5 WMA Mp3
4-26-2015 II Corinthians 4 – The work of the ministry WMA Mp3
4-19-2015 The Millennium WMA Mp3
4-12-2015 II Corinthians 3 Law and Grace WMA Mp3
4-5-2015 Cannot Hide the Blood WMA Mp3
3-29-2015 II Corinthians 2 WMA Mp3
3-22-2015 II Corinthians 1:12-24 WMA Mp3
3-15-2015 The God of All Comfort – II Corinthians 1:1-11 WMA Mp3
3-8-2015 Me, Myself, And I WMA Mp3
3-1-2015 Dealing with Difficulties WMA Mp3
2-22-2015 Supporting the Local Church WMA Mp3
2-15-2015 Others WMA Mp3
2-8-2015 I Thessalonians 5 – The Rapture WMA Mp3
2-1-2015 Sunday PM Revelation series: The Two Witnesses WMA Mp3
2-1-2015 I Thessalonians 4 – Moral Purity and Godly Character WMA Mp3
1-25-2015 Sunday PM Revelation series: The Seven Trumpets WMA Mp3
1-25-2015 I Thessalonians 3 – A Strong Faith WMA Mp3
1-18-2015 Sunday PM Revelation series: The False Prophet WMA Mp3
1-18-2015 I Thessalonians 2 – Qualities of the Church WMA Mp3
1-11-2015 I Thessalonians 1 – A Church to Model WMA Mp3
1-4-2015 Sunday PM Revelation series: The Anti-Christ WMA Mp3
1-4-2015 Be A Missionary? WMA Mp3
12-28-2014 Lecture on Post-Modernism and Culture WMA Mp3
12-28-2014 Our Duty WMA Mp3
12-21-2014 Children’s Christmas Play WMA Mp3
12-21-2014 Christmas Is… WMA Mp3
12-14-2014 The Perfect Gift WMA Mp3
12-7-2014 II Timothy – Farewell WMA Mp3
12-7-2014 Sunday PM Revelation Series: Tribulation Begins WMA Mp3
11-30-2014 II Timothy – Preach the Word WMA Mp3
11-23-2014 II Timothy – The Last Days WMA Mp3
11-23-2014 Sunday PM Revelation Series: The seven seals WMA Mp3
11-16-2014 II Timothy – The Gospel WMA Mp3
11-9-2014 II Timothy – Hold Fast WMA Mp3
11-2-2014 The Lord’s Supper WMA Mp3
10-19-2014 Sunday PM Revelation Series: Church during the Tribulation part 2 WMA Mp3
10-19-2014 II Timothy 1 – Endure WMA Mp3
10-12-2014 Prayer WMA Mp3
10-12-2014 PM Revelation Series: Church during the Tribulation >WMA >Mp3
10-5-2014 Sunday PM Revelation Series: Daniel’s 70 Weeks WMA Mp3
10-5-2014 Letters to the Seven Churches of Revelation: Philadelphia & Laodicea WMA Mp3
9-28-2014 Letters to the Seven Churches of Revelation: Sardis WMA Mp3
9-28-2014 Sunday PM Revelation Series: Rapture WMA Mp3
9-21-2014 Sunday PM Revelation Series: Introduction WMA Mp3
9-21-2014 Letters to the Seven Churches of Revelation: Pergamos & Thyatira WMA Mp3
9-14-2014 Letters to the Seven Churches of Revelation: Smyrna WMA Mp3
9-7-2014 Letters to the Seven Churches of Revelation: Ephesus WMA Mp3
8-31-2014 God is Higher WMA Mp3
8-24-14 Law and Grace WMA Mp3
8-17-14 Rev. Martzall WMA Mp3
8-10-14 God Gives Choices WMA Mp3
8-3-14 They preached Jesus WMA Mp3
7-27-14 Defense of the Bible WMA Mp3
7-20-14 Is There Not A Cause WMA Mp3
7-13-14 Enlarge the Place of Thy Tent WMA Mp3
7-6-14 Turning the Old Ship Around WMA Mp3
6-29-14 Stuck Between A Rock and A Hard Place WMA Mp3
6-22-14 The Unsearchable Riches of Christ WMA Mp3
6-15-14 Don’t Let Them Slip Away! WMA Mp3
6-8-14 The Authority of the Believer WMA Mp3
6-1-14 Without a Vision WMA Mp3
5-25-14 Thoughts from the Trail WMA Mp3
5-18-14 Jerry Harlacher WMA Mp3
5-11-14 Circumstances WMA Mp3
5-4-14 Jesus Only WMA Mp3
4-27-14 Passing the
Test of Faith
4-20-14 Easter WMA Mp3
4-13-14 Hearers and Doers of God’s Word WMA Mp3
4-6-14 Dealing with Difficult People WMA Mp3
4-1-14 Evangelist Mike Herbster WMA Mp3
3-23-14 God Leads Us Along WMA Mp3
3-16-14 Walking Wisely WMA Mp3
3-9-14 Nevertheless WMA Mp3
2-23-14 The Great ‘Ships’
of the Faith – Friendship
2-16-14 The Great ‘Ships’
of the Faith – Authorship
2-9-14 The Great ‘Ships’
of the Faith – The Millennium
2-2-14 The Great ‘Ships’
of the Faith – Citizenship
1-26-14 The Great ‘Ships’
of the Faith – Fellowship
1-19-14 The Great ‘Ships’
of the Faith – Stewardship
1-12-14 God’s Simple
Plan of Salvation
1-5-14 Consumed With Compassion WMA Mp3
12-29-13 The Walls Are
Broken Down
12-22-13 Invited Christmas Guests WMA Mp3
12-15-13 A Perfect Gift WMA Mp3
12-8-13 God’s Glory
Through Crisis
12-1-13 Thankfulness WMA Mp3
11-24-13 The Power
of the Cross
11-17-13 Godly Worship WMA Mp3
11-10-13 Biblication Separation II WMA Mp3
11-3-13 Biblication Separation WMA Mp3
10-27-13 Walking in the Spirit WMA Mp3
10-20-13 Roger McNamara WMA Mp3
10-13-13 Rev. Charles Martzall WMA Mp3
10-6-13 Time at the
Dry Brook
9-29-13 A Healthy Church WMA Mp3
9-22-13 Believe WMA Mp3
9-15-13 God Revealed:
Israel & The Church
9-1-13 God Revealed:
The Bible
8-25-13 God Revealed: Creation WMA Mp3
8-18-13 God Revealed to Man: Jesus Christ WMA Mp3
8-11-13 Love One Another WMA Mp3
8-4-13 The Strategy of Satan WMA Mp3
7-28-13 Walking in the Spirit WMA Mp3
7-21-13 The Authority
of the Believer
7-14-13 Pride WMA Mp3
7-7-13 Personal Revival WMA Mp3
6-30-13 The Rapture of
the Church
6-23-13 Colossians 4 WMA Mp3
6-16-13 Father’s Day WMA Mp3
6-9-13 Colossians 1:1-14 WMA Mp3
6-2-13 Colossians 3:18-25 WMA Mp3
5-26-13 Colossians 3:1-17 WMA Mp3
5-19-13 Fear Not
Matthew 10
5-12-13 The Virtuous Woman
Proverbs 31
5-5-13 Finding God’s Will
Proverbs 3:5-6
4-28-13 The Assurance of
Your Salvation
4-21-13 Ron Degarde WMA Mp3
4-14-13 The Majesty of God WMA Mp3
4-7-13 A Time to Rest WMA Mp3
3-31-13 The Resurrection WMA Mp3
3-24-13 Gain Through Loss WMA Mp3
3-17-13 When God is Silent WMA Mp3
3-10-13 Walking in the Spirit WMA Mp3
3-3-13 Free From Sin
Romans 6:1-18
2-24-13 Love One Another
John 13:31-38
2-17-13 Colossians 2:8-23 WMA Mp3
2-10-13 Colossians 1:24 – 2:7 WMA Mp3
2-3-13 Colossians 1:12-23 WMA Mp3
1-27-13 Colossians 1:1-11 WMA Mp3
1-20-13 Walking on the Water WMA Mp3
1-13-13 How to know your Prayer’s are Heard WMA Mp3
1-6-13 Add to your faith… WMA Mp3
12-30-12 Your Pastors Prayer for the Church WMA Mp3
12-23-12 Are You Ready for Christmas? WMA Mp3
12-16-12 A Light to Lighten
the Gentiles
12-9-12 The Web of Sin WMA Mp3
12-2-12 A Prosperity Gospel WMA Mp3
11-25-12 Thanks be to God WMA Mp3
11-18-12 They Preached Jesus WMA Mp3
11-11-12 Dr. Shelton Smith WMA Mp3
11-4-12 Synopsis of
Last Things 2
10-28-12 Synopsis of
Last Things
10-21-12 In the Twinkling
of an Eye
10-14-12 Confidence WMA Mp3
10-7-12 The Fear of the Lord WMA Mp3
9-30-12 The Cross WMA Mp3
9-23-12 The Christian’s Duty WMA Mp3
9-16-12 Who we are in Christ WMA Mp3
9-9-12 Guarding Our Mind WMA Mp3
9-2-12 We Need to Know… WMA Mp3